EP095: Blink. Don’t Blink.

By Ramona Louise Wheeler.
Read by Salim Fadhley.

“Blink. Don’t blink. Don’t blink. Blink.” The human voice was familiar this time, expected. New orders did not come from computer voices. “This one will have to happen in a hurry, while we’re airlifting you to the crash site. It will be rougher than the first.”

It was. William listened to the hard drone of the aircraft engines in flight. He let that sound become the direction he followed while the pain made him into another shape so swiftly that even he did not know what he was becoming. His nanites had been commanded to emergency pitch. William was certain he could feel them racing through his cells.

Rated PG. Contains violent crime and unusual punishment.

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Stranger Things

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  1. Did anyone else think of Thomas the Tank Engine (or, as my 20 month old son calls him, “TV Choo Choo”) while listening to this story?

  2. ed says:

    …a twisted, biomechanical tv choo choo.

  3. LG says:

    I was all excited to download the first episode of Stranger Things, but the Website seems to be broken. I managed to get the front page out of Coral Cache, but can’t download the episode 🙁 In other news, I don’t recall TV Choo Choo having Jackhammer hands

  4. Bicarat says:

    I liked it. A dark look at the future of prison or incarceration. What will we do in the future with the hundreds of thousands of prisoners that currently clog the system? Makes sense to let them be productive and work towards rehabilitation.

  5. jdarksun says:

    Excellent story – in some ways, more frightening than some of what is found on Pseudopod. An addictive loss of self, masquerading as community service? Turning people into one-off automatons, sentient cars and boats and helicopters?


  6. artm says:

    @ LG:

    while the website of stranger things is down you can subscribe to the podcast on itunes (via store) or feedburner (http://feeds.feedburner.com/StrangerThings)

  7. artm says:

    I just tested, you can get stranger things on democracy tv as well (search in channel guide).


  8. Magess says:

    I found this to be a really disturbing story. The unwilling mutation into machines, inescapable loss of humanity. The whole thing just made me cringe.

    Not that it was bad, I think perhaps the opposite given that I had such a strong reaction to the imagery.

  9. LightningEye says:

    The story invoked a lot of strong mental imagery. I like the concept, but I regretted the pain that the man had to feel during every transformation. Perhaps it’s time for Nanites 2.0: the painless metamorphosis type. In any case, it’s a provocative story, and one of the three choices he had, being in cryo for 100 years, reminded me of Minority Report.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Stranger Things. I just subscribed to it in Democracy player. I look forward to watching it when it finishes downloading in 3.5 hours. I think we’ll have to name this “The Escape Pod Effect”, because I have broadband. Take care.

  10. Mitch says:

    Stories like this was why I listen to Escape Pod! Awsome!

    Side note to Steve: I tried listening to Pseudopod when it first came out. I liked it, but I started having disturbing dreams- a lot. Pseudopod was too good at achieving its goal. I can’t listen to it anymore, but you can take this as an endorsement. 🙂

  11. santana says:

    This was a fantastic story read by a great reader. I was completely sucked into the narrative. It blew my mind, woke up neurons that had lain dormant, twisted my perceptions. I think about this story probably every day. Fascinating. Thanks Steve!

  12. index says:

    Welcome!!! index

  13. scatterbrain says:

    Great story about dehumanization.

  14. […] from my novel when I finished the episode of ISBW and started up the morning escape pod story, Blink. Don’t Blink. … a brilliant nano-technology story … this one about as close to some of my ideas as […]