EP060: Creature For Hire

By Paul E. Martens.
Read by Mark Forman (of Getting A Leg Up and The Ex-Wife files).

“But, Morty, I’m an alien. Christ, I’m The Alien, the only one on the whole damned planet.
There’s got to be something.” It occurred to me that my apartment was too big. It seemed to be
getting bigger every day. And when I considered the rent
vis a vis my bank account balance, the
place was huge.

“The novelty’s worn off, kiddo. I’m surprised it lasted for four movies. And that last one
didn’t really count, just a walk-on in a dream sequence. The point is, people aren’t going to keep
paying to see something they’ve already seen, even if he is an alien. I mean, it’s not like you do
anything. You’re just there, you know?”

Rated PG. Contains minor innuendo, minor swearing, and some grotesque imagery. No livestock were harmed in the making of this podcast.