EP Flash: Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier

By Larry Hammer.
Read by Michael R. Mennenga (of The Dragon Page).

Well, the time came Paul Bunyan had a pretty successful thing going with his lumber business. Fact is, the first year his company went public, the stock price doubled, and it went up fifty percent each of the three years after that. Mind you, this made Paul a target for corporate raiders. Why, the battle he had with Bluebeard is a yarn and a half–but that’s another tale. _This_ is the story of what happened when Paul Bunyan’s secretary went on vacation.

Rated G. Objects in story may be larger than they appear.

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  1. Mike rocks.

    Steve, congrats on finding a story comprised entirely of small, pronoucable words so that Menengasia had no chance to strike…

    Great reading, and a fun little story. I’ve always like Paul Bunyan stories, and am glad to see that new ones are still being created.

  2. Colin F says:

    I think it was just last week I posted a comment asking where the flash fiction had gone.
    Thanks for coming up with the goods. A fun little story – and the evidence is all there, so it must be true!

  3. Jim says:

    how can I read the story?

  4. milo says:

    Any answer for Jim?

    I would just like to read it as well.

  5. L.N. Hammer says:

    It appeared in a magazine called Say… — the issue can be ordered at http://projectpulp.com/item_detail.asp?bookID=557789192

    And thanks for the kind words, Brad and Colin.


  6. LAN3 says:

    Superb story; this one had my laughing aloud, and I forwarded the link to our Controller (senior accountant) who is currently renegotiating our company’s copier lease-and-service contract, a tremendously frustrating experience. It’s just as well poor Paul Bunyan didn’t have to cope with a negligent service company once his own copier was functioning.

    The reader did an excellent job as well; just the right voice for the story.

  7. JM Campbell says:

    Another really fun story. I love how at the end it says it must be true, seems like a great kids story, and Michael’s voice and tone really brings it home.

    more flash fiction please, and I still want to read something.

  8. Pete Butler says:

    You know, I never would have imagined bringing Paul Bunyan into the dot-com era. Makes me wonder what tales of Pecos Bill’s office antics are waiting to be told …

    This one was a hoot. And I agree, this was the perfect marriage of reader and material.

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  10. Chris Bloom says:

    This was a great story and an nice retreat from the norm. Thanks!

  11. Cheri says:

    This was a very entertaining story. Can’t wait for my grandkids to hear it.Brought back memories of the first time i read Paul Bunyon. I agree it was a perfect marriage between story and narrator. Larry, you made me smile with a feel good story.

  12. DISHA says: