EP052: Single White Farmhouse

By Heather Shaw.
Read by The Word Whore.
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The house consented to the wiring, and as soon as it was done she explored it carefully, like you or I would poke at a new tooth filling. Wasn’t long before any unused terminal would be flashing from her zooms around the internet. New bookmarks were always appearing in the browser files — architecture sites, construction sites, even some redecorating, _Better Homes and Gardens_-type sites were piling up in the history. Dad was disgusted by this — called it “house porn,” which made me and my brother giggle.

Rated R. Contains strong language and home… Oh, erotica.

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  1. Marshal says:

    What is it with houses walking with chicken lkegs. The story “Wayfaring Girls” by E. L. Chen as shown in Strange Horizons on 27 March 2006 has a motel that travels in the same manner.

  2. Marshal says:

    Sorry. The first sentance in the above comment should read: What is it with houses walking with chiken legs?

  3. Omar says:

    Hi folks! Just a head’s up that the 2006 Hugo Nominees link has an extra “/” at the end that’s preventing the page from loading up. Once that extra “/” is gone, the page loads just fine.

    Thanks for all the great work and stories!

  4. Marshal, The ambulatory houses are nods to Baba Yaga of Russian folklore.

  5. SFEley says:

    Scott beat me to it. Baba Yaga lived in a hut that danced on chicken legs. Here’s more info from Wikipedia.

    Omar: Fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. Janice in GA says:

    Can I tell you how much I loved this story?? The whole “house falls in love, walks away” bit just totally hooked me in. Thanks!

  7. Thank you again for thinking of me for this story!

    I hope the author was pleased &
    I look forward to many more…

    Always a pleasure,
    ~The Word Whore

  8. Sunrider says:

    This was a fantastic story and makes it to my favorite top 5.

  9. dk says:

    Superb story. Fresh and fun.

  10. DrJennFitz says:

    The first story I will pass on to my hubby… not really an sf fan, per se- but REALLY into Home Automation! I nearly died at the “house porn” comment. So clever. Very dangerous, as I was driving at the time!

    Just found Escape Pod a few weeks ago. Don’t know how I lived without it!

  11. scatterbrain says:

    Bisexual walking houses, socially conservative dirt farmers and skyscrapers with Myspace pages: pure genius!

  12. […] I have written lots of short stories, and even have had some of them published in nice places such as the Year’s Best Fantasy, Strange Horizons and Polyphony. You can check out my bibliography for a list of my publication, with links to those available for free online. My most popular story to date is “Single White Farmhouse” which is online in podcast form over at Escape Pod. […]