EP046: Natural Order

By Michael Jasper.
Read by Steve Dupont.

Missy downshifted as she pulled into the median of the interstate to avoid the state troopers and the mess of traffic-snarled cars attempting to leave the coast too late. I tried not to look at the panicked faces inside the cars, lit by the headlights of those behind them. All waiting to escape the storm. Just like us, but powerless to move — to phase, if needed — the way we did. Sucking on the cigarette, I slid lower onto the wornout springs of the back seat. Slowly I pulled my gaze away from those we were leaving behind.

One thing I learned from Oklahoma: if I thought about the people too much, I’d be worthless.

Rated R. Contains graphic violent imagery, intense themes of natural and man-made disasters, and incidental profanity. Not one of our lighter stories.

Referenced sites:
“B for Betrayal” (an essay by William Richter)
Bound By Law? (a comic from Duke University)
T. Barnabus WigWiggins (a celebrity puppet author)
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  1. J. R. DeRego says:

    I liked this one, a lot! I don’t remember reading it in Asimov’s but I tend to buy that mag on a whim now. I’ll have to check around for an old copy. I’ll also have to pick up his book of shorts.

    Great production too! Mr. Dupont did a great job.

    Also, that was the second time we’ve heard that review at the end.

    Staying up late again Steve??

  2. Lee Murdock says:

    The link to the review guidelines is broken. Just a heads up.

  3. SFEley says:

    Thanks, Lee. Fixed.

    And thanks, Jeffrey. Yeah, my organizing system for that stuff is obviously broken. I got two reviews from Mr. Kent and thought I’d played the other one last time. I suppose I could fix it, but that’d leave two different versions of this week’s Escape Pod, and… Well, I just don’t want to go there. I’ll just keep a better eye out next time.

  4. g. says:

    If found the 2 part interview with Alan Moore on V for Vendetta and his work, published in The Beat, extremely insightful. part 1, part 2

  5. Steve(s) et al,

    This was a heck of a story. I need to go back and listen to it again. I certainly felt the dark themes that were running through the piece, but felt that I must have missed something in the way in which the characters discussed the understanding of what they were really doing… Definitely worthy of a discussion over dinner and drinks of choice.

  6. Simon says:

    Well read. I understood this much better than when I read the print version. In print I think I tried to pry the text apart trying to see detail in the lightly sketched background. The continuity of listening meant I took in the whole landscape instead of mere details. The woods not the trees.

  7. Agreed, well read… and I do have to listen again so i can focus on the story — Steve Dupont has a very sexy voice!!!

  8. scatterbrain says: