EP Review: Night Watch

A Film by Timur Bekmambetov.

Reviewed by Jonathon Sullivan.

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  1. Don says:

    Just to point out, this is a review of “Nochnoi Dozor” or “Night Watch”. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0403358/

  2. I have seen this film twice, and want to repeat the experience several more times. A minor point in the review though: Jonathon appears to have missed the distinction between two characters: Svetlana and Irina. Irina was the mother of the child, Egor (or Yegor). Svetlana was the cursed woman that he only meets for the first time on the subway. They are both blondes, and on a single viewing, possibly with some vodka involved , I can see how the mistake could be made. 😉 I hope that helps to clear some of the confusion that might have been caused by this.

    I am very enthralled by this film, and have both the book and the DVD for the first film on pre-order with Amazon. There are many layers in these films, and multiple viewings are highly recommended.

  3. Sullydog says:

    Okay, I’ll have another look, but the prophecy was that the cursed woman would be the mother of the One–so now I’m even _more_ confused….

  4. Svetlana had no special ability to “attract large number of crows”. The crows, forming a whirlpool, is the indicator of a heavy curse, according to the film. It seems you failed to take in this correctly. I guess that partially it’s because of translation. Whirlpool (voronka) and crow (voron) have the same roots in Russian and create a feeling of growing anxiety in our minds.

    Another small correction is that “the special / the other” is not necessarily a child.

    And finally, is it supposed to be a sign of good sense of humor or just a limited imagination when you associate anything Russian with Vodka so strongly? I’m sorry but it sounds really laughable and diminishes your review in my eyes and I know that many russians laugh at americans for their association (bears, vodka, Red Square, what else?).

    Sorry, if I sounded rude to you. 😉