EP045: Are You Ready For the End of the World?

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By Danny Adams.
Read by Paul Jenkins and Tee Morris.

Would you like to know how to escape the imminent destruction of the Earth?

Sure, we all would.

And this site can help. Our specially-trained instructors can assist you in putting together your very own personal starship to get off this planet before its obliteration.

Rated PG. Contains a planet in peril, almost-helpful aliens, and a sociopathic football player. One or more of the three fail to come out on top.

Referenced sites:
Infection by Scott Sigler

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  1. Stijn says:

    I found this story hilarious and Paul’s British voice somehow worked for me. I’m hoping all aliens have a British accent(!)

    Having two people read a story together was as far as I know a first on escape pod, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it more often.

    This was a great story.

  2. SFEley says:

    Thanks, Stijn! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s actually the second time we’ve done it — the first was back in October, with
    The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario
    — and I agree, it’s a lot of fun. We’ll try to do it as the stories warrant.

  3. Sullydog says:

    Remember, guys, we also had multiple readers for “Alien Animal Encounters,” back in December.

  4. Danny Adams says:

    Stijn: Very glad you enjoyed it!


  5. bishop says:

    iam not belevieng this shit you only liaing because you want to get money thats all you fucking peace of shit river side motherfucker