EP Flash: Fools Seldom Differ

By Jeff Noyle.
Read by William Hopkins (of SF Sourcebook).

The thing about the Ice is, you can get really, really, really
bored. I spent a whole week here yesterday. So, you know that giant slanting
floe with the scoop-up at the end that I sent a picture of? Carls and I said
“oh cool, that would make a great ski-jump.” Only I was dumb enough actually
to try it. About two minutes ago.

Rated G. Kids, don’t try this at home.

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  1. Interplanetary idiocy? Good stuff.

    The frightening thing is that I can see somebody doing that, and then some other idiot… like me… saying, “He didn’t do it right. He shoulda…” And another one heads off…

  2. This is the best one that I’ve heard so far. Funny, well treated. Good job.

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