EP040: Even Vadsø Thaws

By Bruce Holland Rogers.
Read by Stephen Eley.
Musical guest: Red Hunter.

The only person who might understand is Sponheim, the Corrections
Sociologist. He just arrived. It’s his job to understand me thoroughly
and to write a report that his successors will use to decide if it’s safe
to revive me. His report will help them decide if I am no longer a threat
to society because society has changed enough to deal with me, or has
learned to treat behaviors like mine.

“I am already remorseful!” I tell him at our first interview. “I
won’t do it again!” We are sitting at a table by the water. A light mist
falls. “I shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t even have thought about
it. Once, I was one of the people fighting to preserve the last wild polar
bears! I wanted to protect the earth!” I get myself worked up. I am
close to tears.

Rated PG. Contains themes of ecoterrorism and global disaster. If you can explain that to your kids, it’s family-safe.

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