Robots and Year’s Best Fantasy

I just learned on Greg’s blog that “Robots and Falling Hearts,” by Greg van Eekhout and Tim Pratt, has been selected by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer for The Year’s Best Fantasy 6, to be published this summer.

Think there’s any possibility that they heard the story here?

Congratulations, guys! It’s a well-deserved honor, and we wish you both the very best.

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  1. al saiz says:

    I just found a dynamite new podcast “The Children of the Gods”, great scifi adventure, terrific prouction…all you Escape Pod fans will love it. Second episode just released.


  2. sal says:

    ‚ÄúThe Children of the Gods‚Äù is AWESOME… I am listening to it now.

    I think the scenario is somewhat corny but the production values are brilliant. It’s an epic space-opera with aliens for hard SF junkies.

    The 1st chapter is somewhat Babylon 5 meets Battlestar Galactica so far. I’m only half-way through.

    This does deserve a promo.


  3. Thanks for the shout out, Steve.

    I notice Escape Pod is featured prominently on the Apple Music Store front page today (and here’s a screenshot to prove it)! Congrats, Steve!