EP034: Free Will, Baby

By Janni Lee Simner.
Read by Swoopy (of Skepticality).

“Hello, this is Kara Donnelly, with Lucifer Enterprises. Whom am I–“

“Yeah,” the man said, as if he’d been expecting her. “My wife just left me. When she takes me to court next month, I want everything she’s got.”

“Well, I’m certain we can arrange that.” Kara smiled. She’d heard somewhere that if you smiled, your voice sounded more pleasant over the phone. “If I could just get some information, I’ll have one of our representatives call back to arrange a

Rated PG. Contains supernatural violence, sexual harassment, and telemarketers from Hell. (Not a redundancy.)

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  1. I guess I could see how some people might object to the theology of this piece, because some people will object to anything. But the thrust of it, that salvation is possible no matter how deep you think you may have gotten yourself in, should speak to any Christian.

  2. Frungi says:

    goes to find a baby and try it

  3. scatterbrain says:

    Another…fucking…soul contract and the devil story!

    Cliched, boring and fucking repetitive!