EP029: Crystal Balls

By Susie Hawes.
Read by Evo Terra (of The Dragon Page).

Yeah, that’s it. Oh, that’s nice. You’ve got strong hands, Mister. Are you psychic? Maybe just a little? No? Well, I can fix that.

Naw, I can’t tell you where to find a bottle of Mad Dog, but I can get you the money to buy one.

Rated PG. Contains violence, immoral psychic paraphernalia, and grown women scrying.

Referenced sites:
The Sci Phi Show
Dead White Guys

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  1. al saiz says:

    Great story and although I grew up in New York I just couldn’t place what part of the City Evo’s accent would be from…Enid, Claremore..one of those further away outlying boroughs of New York….

    ballsy Evo, mighty ballsy! 🙂
    Happy Holiday all.

  2. Evo says:


    Everyone knows that cyrstal balls from NYC have their own dialect unique to their ilk.


  3. Lora says:

    Neat story, and I approve of Evo’s reading. A lot of the time it didn’t even sound like him, and he’s generally got a distinctive voice.

  4. Great story. And the voice… What can I say? Evo yet again brings an inanimate object into some sort of bizarre vocal dimension. I applaud Steve’s choice to avoid the complication of having Evo read a story in an accent while providing different voices… snicker… now, that’s something worth hearing.

    There has got to be a story somewhere told entirely from the perspective of a Russian matrushka doll as it talks to a stuffed Mongolian yak as they plan an assault on an Australian kangaroo puppet.

    As an aside to Al Saiz… I think you’ve gotten the borough right. I think that includes Tahlequah Street and Midwest City Avenue. I thought Evo grew up near Tulsa Square…

  5. Spork says:

    I must confess, this was a much, MUCH better reading that that lousy Don Ysidro pile of crap. I was only reminded it was Evo reading in a silly voice a couple of times, unlike that last reading that yanked me out of the story and threw me across the room countless times.

    Stick with what you’re good at Evo, self-congratulatory speaking, insulting your audience, and pretending to be inanimate objects. It’s much more entertaining!

  6. Jackie says:

    Great story and I enjoy it a lot 🙂

  7. Mere T. says:

    Excellent story with voice fit for news casting and DJ lol.. I have put your blog at social sites under tag ‘podcast’ :)I hope you get more listeners.

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  9. scatterbrain says:

    Selling out isn’t too bad as long as you didn’t go through your career claiming to be some kind of anti-capitalist anarcho-punk, saying you’ll never give into the machine before running out of money later in life and doing just that a’la The Sex Pistols.