EP024: The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario

By Benjamin Rosenbaum.
Read by Chris Miller (of Unquiet Desperation) with Stephen Eley.

“Well, you know, Doc, safe is a relative thing in my profession, but I
have you on the headset, and I’m picking the lock on these handcuffs
as we’re talking. I think I’ll be fine, the piranhas are still 5 or 6
feet below me.”

“All right, but isn’t our conversation going to distract you?” I
asked. “I know you’re upset, but wouldn’t you rather call back at
another time?”

“I’d really like to talk about it, Doc. I always find talking to you
clears my mind and makes me more effective. I may need to go if the
henchmen come back, though.”

Rated PG. Contains childhood trauma and mild gratuitous villainy.

Referenced sites:
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  1. […] As a side note, the latest espisode of Escape Pod has come out. Why is this important? Because I’m doing a bit of the reading for this week’s short story, of course! It’s entitled The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario. Here’s an excerpt of the text: ‚ÄúWell, you know, Doc, safe is a relative thing in my profession, but I have you on the headset, and I‚Äôm picking the lock on these handcuffs as we‚Äôre talking. I think I‚Äôll be fine, the piranhas are still 5 or 6 feet below me.‚Äù […]

  2. Robin says:

    “Celebrity crime fighter”. Absolutely brilliant. My first listen and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have subscribed and look forward to many hours of listen pleasure. Maybe even a submission or two.

    ~Robin (no seriously!)

  3. […] Downloaded and listened to The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario from EscapePod yesterday. Absolutely brilliant. EscapePod is a podcast that has weekly readings of Sci-Fi sent in by listeners. I listen with an open heart and was bountifully rewarded for my trust. Writer Benjamin Rosenbaum has taken a familiar genre of the comic book and constructed an extremely moving and funny story around it. The reader, Chris Miller, and cameo are excellent – really set the scene. I whole heartedly recommend you download and listen to this support the podcast should the mood take you. I may even submit a few stories myself. Great stuff! […]

  4. Absolutely increadible! I was looking for some material to listen and train my speech recognition skills as I’m still learning English; and that’s how I got here. Your podcasting is something really amazing and completely electrifying. I can’t tear myself off the headphones! Keep up doing great job and thanks for everything!

    Truely yours,

  5. Scott Sigler says:

    Funny story. the Frasier comment at the end stole the show.

  6. Petar Toushkov says:

    I got on Escape Pod through my writing-news-from-ben subscription. It was a great pleasure to hear this story, and it’s still as enjoyable and memorable as the first time I read it. I must somewhat agree with Scott Sigler about that Frasier comment, though. No offence meant, escapepod should definitely become one of my favourite places to visit. Also Great Job to Chris Miller and Stephen Eley.

  7. Lee Goodman says:

    I’m glad Nightwing finally got that off his chest! I’m sure it’s been bugging him for years . Bruce was never a good listener.

    But really, that was one of the funniest pods in a while

  8. […] Clearly Steve and the the growing band of writers he has attracted disagree: For example, the ludicrously titled Episodes 24 (‚ÄúDeath Trap of Dr. Nefario‚Äù) concerns an attempt of a famous comic-book character to foil a typically comic-book evil plot, however the story is told from the perspective of the psychiatrist who has to deal with the super-hero‚Äôs many neuroses. The conclusion is that only somebody with serious problems would be drawn to the super-hero lifestyle in the first place […]

  9. Heroic Times says:

    Brilliant, amusing, and touching. Very well done.

  10. Wesley says:

    Very amusing story. I’ve always wondered about the mental conditions of some of these superheroes who go through so much so often.

  11. scatterbrain says:

    Hit and miss for me.

  12. Eric Belisle says:

    Oh my God : I could not stop thinking this Doc would have a great presence in one of the Union Dues stories 🙂 Maybe the two authors should talk!!!

  13. […] on EscapePod and highly recommend listening to Start the Clock, The House Beyond Your Sky, The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario (not in this collection) and of course The Ant King: A California Fairy Tale (podcastle). You can […]