EP Flash: Wetting the Bed

By Heather Shaw.
Read by Anna Eley.
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When the floods came, all us kids climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over our heads while our parents rushed about trying to do something to stop it. As the water level rose we could feel the beds lift off the floor, floating through our houses, bumping down our hallways and out our front doors.

We sat up in bed waved to one another as our beds merged onto the canal that now flowed between our houses. We shrieked and giggled as our beds spun and bumped along with the swirling water. Waves lapped at our boxsprings, but our covers were still warm and dry.

Rated G. It’s apocalyptic fantasy — for kids!

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  1. Todd says:

    I thought Anna did a great job. She has a terrific tone for this story.

  2. Janni says:

    I liked this! (But then, what’s not to like about post-apocalyptic fantasy for kids? 🙂

  3. Stijn says:

    Good story. post-apocalyptic stories for kids are far too rare. I did find the ending somewhat sudden, though. I was expecting a closed ending. This one was left too open for my liking.

    Nevertheless, I’m happy I decided to listen.

  4. JJ says:

    i agree far abrupt an ending. but i showed my nephew, ha loved it.

  5. Wonderful Story! I’m agree with the ending. But this is very rare about kids. I think in the drastic condition such beds may be very helpful.It might be apocalyptic fantasy for kids.

  6. Great story, I agree. I showed it to my niece and she kept asking for others like it, lol. 🙂