EP023: The Dream Factory

By Jenn Reese.
Read by Scott Fletcher (of Podcheck Review).

You need some younger Ast-tlakians for a new fantasy feature the company is doing. It’s Lord of the Rings meets Kindergarten Cop. Vin Diesel to star, Woo to direct. So you need a bunch of realistic fantasy creatures, and Stan Winston figured out long ago that it was easier to hire off-world than build all these bizarre creatures from scratch. It’s a big industry secret, and you need to keep it that way. You have a tendency to brag and name-drop when you’re drunk, so you’re only mostly sure that you haven’t told anyone.

Rated R. Contains sexual situations and a sleazy industry.

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  1. Christine says:

    I loved this story! Scott did an excellent reading of it. Good job!

  2. […] Jenn Reese, author of delightful stories […]

  3. Evo says:

    This comment is entitled “Two for the Price of One”.

    The audio begins playing, and I think “Crap. How could Steve let this over-the-top, fake radio voice get through his Taste Filter?” But then I recall an interview Scott did on (probably Podcast411) and I know he doesn’t have to go far out of his normal speaking voice to /sound/ like an over-the-top fake radio guy, so I decide to hang in there for a bit.

    And I’m glad I did.

    The story /needed/ to be read in that voice. It /completely/ captured the intent of the author. Or it did such an amazing job of reminding me of the loathing I have for Hollywood to give me the illusion of completeness. Whatever the means, the ends were truly joyful. And by the end, I was chuckling softly to myself, wondering how much fantasy/SF was really in the story.

    For the sugar-soaked candy on top, Steve drops the name of Key-Ah-Gnu (much to my horror), yet quickly redeems himself with just the right amount of bloodletting.

    Well done, Scott. Well done, Steve. And obviously, well done Jenn. 🙂


  4. Spork says:

    This story is a gem, and the reading was spot-on.

  5. SFEley says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Spork.

  6. Michelle says:

    When I first started listening to the story, I thought, oh man, what a cheesy radio voice this is! But as Evo mentioned above, it completely suited the story – what a great match. Keep up the good work!

  7. Simon says:

    Fun! Good voice!

  8. BrandtPileggi says:

    OMG! t was worth it just to hear him say “And a shit eating griiiin”

  9. BrandtPileggi says:

    sorry. had to follow up. If yuou’re worried about the voice, just imagine Zap Branigan writing a short story. Bam!

    And remember, it was Zap who gave us that infinitely usefull parable,

    “The quickest way to a girl’s bed is through her parents’. Have sex with them and you’re in.”

  10. BrandtPileggi says:

    oh man. I’ve had to listen to this several times. New favorite quote, “Pimply face little boys will masturbate to your movies.” AAAAHAHahahaha!!

  11. Noira says:

    It’s so True!

  12. __Jim_ says:

    OMG, Scott Fletcher sounds so very sickeningly, arrogantly yuppiesh, I simply refused to listen more than 180 seconds of his voice, please don’t use this guy in this manner again. I know that he’s much better than he sounded in this .mp3.



  13. scatterbrain says:

    Second person? I want to hear more of that…