EP021: Platypus Girl

By Jonathon Sullivan.
Read by Stephen Eley.

Rufus didn’t relent. “How come you ain’t got a license, skillet face?”

Shari struggled to keep her own distaste under control. Emotion could screw up the reading, her own pheromones and toxins clogging up the massive olfactory bulb and entorhinal cortex that occupied most of her cranium. She took a deep breath, pulling air through her huge nostrils, trying to calm herself. At least she didn’t have to see the man’s face.

Rated R. Contains violence, profanity, and crimes against chemistry.

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  1. Ohmigodmagnum… this story rocked!!!

    I found myself pulling for the Nose near the end. I got fully vested in this character and musky-Leo. Marvelous.

    Steve, great job reading. Jonathon, great job writing.

  2. Tara C. says:

    I was a chem/ nursing major in college and love a good bit of twisted, semi-noir setting. This story had a little of everything. Short as the story was, I found myself tied to Shari before long and hoping that maybe she found gainful employment elsewhere when the all was said and done. I would _love_ to see (hear) this continued.

  3. Magess says:

    Neat story.
    I still hate the word “cortport”. 😉

  4. Brian L. Gentry says:

    This may be the first “hard SciFi” story I’ve heard on Escape Pod. I’m searching my memory for anything that’s even close in SciFi terms and can’t come up with anything. I think I’ve enjoyed maybe a handful of stories on EscapePod as much or more than this one, but IMHO this story ranks near the top of the list.

    I still think that “The Girlfriends Of Dorian Gray” and “The Once and Future Dentist” are probably better stories than this one, but not by enormous margins. This story was enjoyable in a variety of ways: Most notably for me, that the world it was set in was believable and fleshed out enough to allow us to accept it and be interested in it… to lead us into thinking about what other things in this world might be waiting to be discovered. I’ve long said that the sign of a great movie is one that shows a world that you want to explore beyond the boundaries of the movie you are watching. This goes double, triple, or even quadruple for stories and books. This story suceeded in that measure quite well.

    Ok, enough comments. Scratch that. One more. Steve Eley, you rock. Thank you for EscapePod and all the enjoyment it brings to me.

    Brian Gentry

  5. SteelTiger says:

    A fine alternate tile would be “What To Do With a ToonHead.”

  6. bug says:

    I heard this story as a back-issue. Forty additional stories down the line, this is still my favorite yet.

    Let’s have more hard sci-fi like this!

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  8. Do you take ideas for new story lines or are they predominatly your creative talents?

  9. BrandtPileggi says:

    Gibsonian Evolution. Love it! And since ‘Burning Bush’s’ replies are closed. I’ll say it here. 35% more Kaiju… pfft! sounds more like 25.

  10. scatterbrain says:

    Platypus Girl is to Goodfellas, what Little Worker is to Lifetime channel dramas.

  11. Eric Belisle says:

    Most brutal and gruesome street warfare I’ve witnessed in a story 🙂 Loved it!

  12. Pheromones says:

    Way cool, I was pulled in because of the refference to pheromones but actually ended up listening to the very end of the story,awesome!

  13. Bribana says:

    Awesome post! That was a good read