EP016: Seamstress

By Sarah Prineas.
Read by Deborah Green.

So, the Godmother. She takes ragged, smudged things and turns them
into beautiful Princesses. Why, I don’t know. A hobby? A calling?
An obsession? Is she righting the wrongs done to her when she was

When I first started here, I had a fantasy. That the Godmother would
pluck me out of the row of humpbacked, squinting Seamstresses and make
me, too, a beautiful Princess. With a gown sewn by…well, by the
poor wenches too old or ugly to catch the Godmother’s eye.

Rated PG. Contains sexual situations and, unrelated, the loss of innocence.

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  1. Skink Lizard says:


    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now. I think I found you somewhere around number 8 or 9, though I don’t think that’s important here right now.


    Listening to your comments at the beginning of each show has brought me to reflect on my own daily existence. It’s almost like I have a mirror on the other side of the planet, or something. Small child, sci-fi junkie, podcast addict, and today’s comments regarding the news really hit home. (my first child Lucy is 11 months old).

    It‚Äôs like the rest of the world just disappeared since I discovered podcasting in October last year. I rarely get home in time for the news, and I used to listen to the radio in every conscious moment that wasn‚Äôt spent with other humans, or in front of a computer, but now I have Escape pod, Seanachi, Slashdot review not to mention Dr Karl and many others…

    You hit the nail in the head. We need a news podcast, though from my point of view a local Brisbane, Queensland, Australia news podcast seems unlikely. I was just thinking that on my commute home TODAY. Like I said psychic, or something!

    Anyhow keep up the good work, I’ve added only three listeners to your podcast by suggestion but I’m working on more.

    Then you publish Seamstress, Fantasitc!

    Thanks Steve.

  2. Eric Marin says:

    I really enjoyed this dark twist on a classic fairy tale, and the reading of the story was very well done.

  3. PaulJ says:

    Very oppressive and atmospheric story, with lots of barely hinted subtext and setting. I thought it had a distinctly East European feel about it.

  4. Jackie says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your podcast although i realize it is more than 1 year later on lol. The tone of the sound is captivating I find and like you, I have gradually stopped listening to radios nowadays. 🙂

  5. BrandtPileggi says:

    I agree with the above. This is now on my list of favorite fantasy shorts. And what’s a radio?

  6. scatterbrain says:

    Great dark story and an evcellent reading.