EP014: Tis the Season

By K.D. Wentworth
Read by Jonathon Sullivan.

It was Christmas Eve and that nasty, strung-out feeling of
anticipation clotted the air like a cheap deodorizer. I hate
Christmas the most–all that insincere, pious yap about “peace on
earth, goodwill towards men.” I was cruising down the
expressway, on my way back from dismantling an illegal manger
scene someone had erected at the river park, keeping an eye out
for graffiti, you know–“Where will _you_ spend eternity?” or
“Buddha lives!”–that kind of crap, spray-painted on underpasses
right where impressionable schoolchildren could see it. The last
rays of the setting sun were painting the highway a faint rose
when I spotted a broken-down van with the metal outline of a
stylized fish just above the back bumper. The short hairs
crawled up the back of my neck. Them fish guys have been some of
my worst busts.

Rated R. Contains strong religious themes, graphic violence, and aggressive Zen.

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  1. fastfinge says:

    Nice reading! An interesting story to discover the podcast with. I’m grabbing the back issues now. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Randi Mooney says:

    So how come you dont read some of your own stories? If it’s good enough for Scott Segler 🙂


  3. Sullydog says:


    Who are you asking? Me? Steve? KD?


  4. PaulJ says:

    I think Steve has a policy _against_ authors reading their own stories, otherwise he’d be deluged with audio submissions — can you imagine what it would be like sifting through an _audio_ slush pile?

  5. PaulJ says:

    Great story — I really enjoyed this one. The skewed reality made me smile (and shudder at how oh-so-true it could become).

  6. BrandtPileggi says:

    Good story. GREAT rant. That just made my day

  7. JoeA says:

    I liked the story, but it kind of bugs me that only Christianity, and, okay, in this case Buddhism, is ever lambasted in current fiction. Considering the present conditions, it seems glaringly obvious that Islamists and Jews were intentionally ignored.

  8. Dan the Man says:

    After thinking over this story a bit, I almost wonder if it was more to show the absurdity of the idea of religion as an opiate or dangerous. If it was anything else, I didn’t like it because it failed to suspend my disbelief.
    JoeA, you can lambast anybody you want to, but if you lambast Jews you risk provoking the ire of the ADL.

  9. scatterbrain says:

    Reminds me of Just Do It.

  10. Andy Blake says: