EP Flash: Virus

By Greg van Eekhout.
Read by Deborah Green.
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All stories read by Deborah Green

Drawn by the sound of the propellers, the lunchtime crowd looked to the sky. An airship passed over the skyscrapers, plumes of black, virus-laden smoke spewing behind it. Traffic below stopped. People paused on the sidewalks and watched the cloud sink slowly towards them.

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  1. PaulJ says:

    Short but effective. Almost a vignette. (Makes me want to submit a really short one of my own that might fit….)

  2. JesseWillis says:

    Do it Paul!

    BTW thanks for the plug on your most recent podcast. 🙂

  3. Karina says:

    Very surprising, very good. Love this podcast, have gone from ‘curious’ to ‘rabid fan’ in a matter of days. Yes, will donate 😉

  4. SFEley says:

    Thanks, Karina! Very glad you’re enjoying it.

  5. Lots of visual cues make this very easy to imagine. Could use a little more stylistic spice. Interesting idea.

  6. scatterbrain says:

    How he got all that in 1:30 seconds I only wish I knew the secret of.