EP Flash: Paradox

By Scott Janssens.
Read by Paul S. Jenkins (of Rev Up Review).
All stories by Scott Janssens
All stories read by Paul S. Jenkins.

I saw nothing when I looked through the eyepiece Franz handed me and told
him so.

“Of course not,” said Franz. “Right now, the time sight is set to look into
the future. From this point in time, the future doesn’t exist yet, not in
any meaningful way, so it can’t be seen.”

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  1. Simon says:

    What was that accent?:^)

  2. Steve Eley says:

    You’ll have to ask Paul. >8-> I think I detected a bit of Scottish brogue in the scientist’s voice. Whatever it was, it worked.

  3. scatterbrain says:

    So he went into nothingness; but did he go fowards or backwards?