EP010: The Girlfriends of Dorian Gray

By Gregory Frost.
Read by Stephen Eley.
All stories by Gregory Frost
All stories read by Stephen Eley.

For all that, his manners were impeccable. It wasn’t that he sat slobbering and gnashing, drawing attention to himself as some deranged Neanderthal with a fork might have done. No, he ate demurely, quietly, chatting with her, truly interested in what she had to say (or at least feigning interest so well that she would never notice the difference). Dinner with him lasted the entire evening. The courses came and went ‚Äî soups, hors-d’oeuvres, first course, main course, cheese course, desserts and coffee, liqueurs. She would not have noticed right away that he had eaten an extra course, or more than one dessert, or consumed an entire bottle of wine on his own and helped her with half of another. Simply, he ate. And ate. And ate. And ate.

Rated R. Contains explicit sex, cruelty, and immoral dining.

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  1. RecentRunes says:

    Brilliant! Loved the story, as well as the podcast.

  2. JesseWillis says:

    Hey don’t abbreviate the commentary Steve. The stories rock but your commentaries do too.

  3. Brian says:

    What a great tale of sensual appetites. It was unusually long for EscapePod, but extremely enjoyable; so much so that after listening to 45 minutes in my car, I had to come inside and immediately listen to the rest and finish the story.

    One technical quibble though: 8 or 10 times during the podcast I heard clicks, pops, and other interruptions in the audio. I rewound one segment three times to make sure it wasn’t my equipment. It appeared in the exact same spot each time, so I’m sure it’s the recording. Perhaps your MP3 encoder didn’t do it’s job so well?

    Thanks for the podcast; I enjoy listening to it.

  4. SFEley says:

    Thanks, Brian! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And your ears aren’t deceiving you — there are some sound artifacts in that file (and other Escape Pod files too) that came from the digital capture to hard drive. I generally re-record those segments when I notice them in editing, but sometimes I miss a few, especially in a long story like this one.

    I’m running a fairly low-end recording setup here. (It starts with a Mac Mini, if that tells you anything.) >8-> I have plans to improve it over time, but with all of Escape Pod’s donations going to buy more stories, new equipment is strictly in my limited household budget. Meanwhile, I do appreciate comments like this one, so I can keep a better ear for issues in the future. And I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the stories enough to keep patience through our growing pains.

    Thanks again, and keep listening!

  5. Hey, I really liked this one! The length was worth it.

  6. scatterbrain says:

    I was hooked.
    Has inspired me to read the original novel.