EP004: In His Footsteps

By Paul E. Martens.
Read by Stephen Eley.
All stories by Paul E. Martens.
All stories read by Stephen Eley.

The dinner was not what you could call an unqualified success. The best that could be said for it was that we survived. And Uncle Dennis couldn’t even say that much.

That was my fault, too, I guess. I pissed God off, and all of your major religions will tell you that that’s something you want to try and
avoid. But I still think of Him as ‘Dad,” and when was the last time you just meekly did what
your father told you to do? Okay, sure, your father isn’t God, but mine wasn’t always God, either.

Rated PG. Contains sexual innuendo and lighthearted heresy.

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  1. Would it be possible to have the podcasts made available as auto-bookmarking iPod/iTunes m4b files? This makes them much more convenient to listen to. They are short, so it’s not a big deal, but if it’s something easy you could do you at your end, it would be nice. Though I don’t even know if podcast software supports that file type. I use a software called MarkAble that will convert MP3s to M4Bs (and will also combine a bunch of MP3s into a single file, transforming an MP3 audiobook into a file much like an Audible.com audiobook, complete with auto-bookmarking).

  2. SFEley says:

    Great question, JJA. There are some podcatching clients that will do this automatically (e.g. iPodderX) but if that isn’t convenient for people, and there’s a strong public demand, I’ll be happy to post multiple formats. The RSS feed has to stick with MP3 because it’s the only universal format, but inside these blog posts I can put up as many links as it takes.

    Is this something other people would be interested in?

  3. Thanks for the reply, Steve. I didn’t know iPodderX offered that feature. Though since it’s not freeware, I’m hesitant to buy it just for that since I can convert them without too much effort myself. The site says iPodderX Lite is coming soon, so perhaps that will be a free version that will still have the conversion feature.

    I use iPodder (without the X). I don’t know if there’s anyway to activate such a feature with that program, but I note that in the preferences, on the advanced tab, you can setup a command to be run each time you download a file, so theoretically I could probably figure out a way to insert a command line that would automatically launch MarkAble and have it convert my podcasts for me.

    But in any case, thanks again for the reply and for launching this new zine. It’s a great idea, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

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  7. scatterbrain says:

    Not original, but by no way not bad at all.

  8. scatterbrain says:

    I woke up this morning and just had to re-listen. I take back my previous statement: it’s great!